Feature Film, 2023

Hilal(13), Ayşe(11) and Mercan(13) are three children working on the streets. Hilal and Ayşe are cardboard collectors and Mercan is a scrap collector. Selim(30), who established a racketeering gang in the city, kidnaps children working on the street, including Hilal, Ayşe and Mercan, and forcibly confiscates their money…

Feature Film, 2022

Umut (35) and his theater director wife Asiye (43) work in a private theater. Umut’s life turns upside down within forty-two hours with the arrival of his mother, who has not seen for twenty years.

Short Film, 2022

Leyla (13) lives with her mother, father and sister in a village. Her family earn their living by working on a farm as a worker. Leyla helps her family, supports the household economy and takes care of her little sister.

Documentary, 2019

Suffering from congenital hearing loss and physical disability a 14-year old Muhammed Ali Çimen, started swimming 2 years ago. Muhammed Ali arrives to swimming pool on a wheelchair with the help of his grandmother and grandfather, and after warming up period, gets into the water with the support of his hands.

Feature Film, 2016

12 year old Ali lives an austere life in the Anatolian countryside. He’s saving up his hard-earned money for his big dream: a brand-new, blue bicycle. When Elif, the girl he is secretly in love with, becomes the victim of a great injustice at school, Ali takes up the passionate fight for democracy and against a system stuck in its ways.

Short Documentary, 2014
Short Film, 2012
Short Film, 2011

Two women (Ms. Bianca and Ms. Canan ) who are from different cultures and speaking different languages, set up global bond with each other only through language of lines.-