Documentary , 2023

There will be child actors in leading and supporting roles in movie “Three Friends” which will be shot in Turkey/ Bursa in the summer of 2022. Because of that, the schools, where this movie will be shot, were visited in October of 2021 and it was announced that the training will be given to children who want to act in this movie. The first recordings of documentary “Children’s Stage” started with this announcement process.

Documentary, 2022

In Weightlifter Kids documentary, the lives of girls and boys aged between eleven and thirteen, which they bring to podium thanks to their effort to create themselves, and the weights they shoulder will be explained. In this documentary, which will include the camp and competition processes, kid’s experiences along with weightlifting will be handled. It will be explained how the children, who have different backgrounds in terms of family, gender, circle and culture, meet on common ground with weightlifting.